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How to get More Viewers with Good Stream Graphics

Joshua Georgeff - 4 September 2020 - 0 comments

The largest problem facing broadcasters is finding where to pull in new unique viewers and how to retain that audience. In a world where becoming a broadcaster is widely available to everyone the scene can be difficult to compete in. The most critical thing you can do to diversify yourself and grow an audience is creating engaging content and syndicating that content to platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and more. This also includes the content you deliver while live, clip montages are one of the most popular forms of content to post. A driving force on what makes that content effective or not is the graphic design behind it.

Besides having good Youtube thumbnails and unique assets in the video, having functional stream designs drastically improves the user experience in your streams. When looking for stream packages many broadcasters settle on who can make the prettier image. While this is not a bad way to look at stream design, it is a flawed perspective. You must understand what goals you are trying to achieve by paying for a unique stream package, getting more viewers is likely one of them.

What Should I Look for in Stream Design?

A designer who understand user behavior on streaming platforms is crucial to delivering a successful stream package. By understanding how the average consumer will navigate your profile, engage with your content and common actions users perform on your profile you can leverage the size of your audience.

Some common mistakes newer designers make is not creating your stream packages with the viewer in mind but, only from their perspective. After all they are trying to please the viewers, your audience. A large misunderstanding is buying template or premade design packages, although it is better than nothing possibly hundreds of other streamers are using the same package, making your channel blend in with the masses. These packages are also not tailored to your brand or with you in mind, making your stream feel generic.

What’s the solution to have designs that look good and can function to create a good experience for viewers? Finding a designer who understands the streaming user experience and the platform. Here’s some examples, “starting soon” screens have ridiculously high bounce rates, meaning most of your audience is leaving as soon as they see that the stream hasn’t started. This can be used by larger broadcasters to generate “hype” before the stream starts but, for streamers below 1000 viewers having this asset hurts your view counts.